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Mark Puckhaber

I grew up in De Pere, Wisconsin. Surprise, surprise, I led quite a similar life to my brother during the first 18 years of my existence. People often ask me what it is like being a twin. I think it is awesome and it has been a fantastic journey thus far ... then again I wouldn’t know what it’s like to not be a twin:). 

My brother and I decided to take different paths in college so we could develop our independence. Plus, we didn’t want to be known as the Puck Twins forever. I decided to attend and wrestle at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, where I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Health Promotion/Wellness. As a curious and adventurous person, I enjoyed my college experience and loved the freedom of exploring so many new opportunities. At one point I was part of 11 different intramural leagues! I was interested in anything that involves movement.  

To me, the most significant aspects of training/sports are the atmosphere (teamwork, camaraderie, sportsmanship and community) and growth potential (achievement, failure, results, progress and being challenged).  The desire to create this type of atmosphere and growth potential for our clients is what led us to start i2 Fitness


Alex Puckhaber 

Like my twin brother, I also grew up in De Pere, Wisconsin (near Green Bay) playing sports and have been extremely active my entire life.  The sports I was most passionate about are soccer and wrestling. I attribute the majority of my athletic success to my encouraging support group of coaches, teammates and family.  Because I was fortunate enough to have so many positive influences early on, I recognize the impact in helping others reach their goals.  I strive to be an example to others, showing people that you can truly live your best life, helping them find their support systems and encouraging them to put in the work!

I attended college at UW-LaCrosse to follow my passion for health and fitness. I earned a double major in Pre-Physical Therapy and Exercise Science with a Nutrition Minor.  I realized that I was genuinely passionate about teaching fitness and helping inspire people to find their "why" and achieve their wellness goals.

With just over ten years of coaching, I can proudly say that I have coached hundreds of clients of varying ages.  Their transformations include: losing over 100lbs, decreasing over 20% body fat, and helping high-performance athletes develop speed, agility, increase max strength, and overall improved functionality.

When you commit to becoming a member of i2 Fitness I know that we will help you reach your goals. We will hold you accountable in an environment that is innovative, friendly, motivating, and exceeds your expectations.

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Tiffany Skarr

I am an ACE Certified instructor; fitness has always played a lead role in my daily routine. I have a passion for almost anything related to fitness. Whether that means getting out of bed on a cold day to get to the gym or completing a triathlon, both of which I've done many times... I love a mental challenge and holding myself accountable. From marathons to triathlons, warrior courses, century rides, Zumbathons, and even bodybuilding -- there isn't much I haven't completed, and I look forward to my next adventure.

Fitness has helped me survive the many challenges life can throw at you. It's kept me grounded. As a trainer, I want to share that, I look forward to motivating and challenging clients physically and mentally, all while having fun.



Andy Goethe

I am certified personal trainer with the NCCPT and current member of the Wisconsin Rugby Club. I grew up in Bradenton, Florida where my passion for movement began at an early age. I was involved in any sport I could get into and when I learned how training for specific sports could increase your performance I was hooked and began learning everything I could about training and fitness. I began training some of my friends and family at my backyard weight set and started working in a gym as soon as I was 18. My passion for fitness has only grown and I enjoy learning from my clients every day. I know that my workout time is my favorite part of my day and I love to bring that feeling to others.

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Denise Baker

I graduated from ISU in Kinesiology in 2007, worked at Lands End in their health and wellness center. I wrote a healthy newsletter, taught classes, personal trained staff employees, managed the aquatics for a portion of time. Decided to go back to school for nursing in 2010. During that time I worked at Westside fitness in Dubuque, IA, and taught spin classes for the University of Dubuque. I love running, swimming, biking. Passion for marathons, triathlons and the outdoors. I currently am a nurse in pediatrics and UPH Meriter, I help with ENT and travel medicine.

I love helping others enjoy fitness and learn new things. I love hearing people’s journey where they have come from and where they are going. Love helping others become the best version of themselves any way I can. Thanks for having me guys!

Favorite motivating quote living in WI and getting outside to exercise…”It’s not the weather, it’s the gear…no excuses.” :)


Michael Meier

I have not always been a fitness and nutrition enthusiast! Until I was 18, I grew up with lots of bullying, anxiety, and self-hatred. I felt like I had no control of my life, and that I was stuck in this body and mind. Food has always been my prescription to feeling better. In 2008 my first semester in college I was sweating, out of breath, and seeing stars going up the stairs. I weighed myself for the first time in years. 6lbs away from 300! I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t know how to get healthy, so I went online and read as much as possible. 9 months later I was ACE and ISSA certified, 120 lbs lighter, and headed to Marine Corps Bootcamp. The trajectory of my life has been forever changed! My passion in life is to help others on their journey to being a better version of themselves physically and mentally! Because I know how hard it can be from personal experience, and I want to give you all the tools and guidance that I wish I had back in 2008!


Jeff Turbett

Like most little kids who grew up in Wisconsin, I can vividly remember playing football with my younger brother and dad every chance I had, as I did my best to imitate my idol, Brett Favre. That passion for football slowly started to cross-over into other sports growing up which ultimately started to turn into my interest for overall health, fitness, and wellness. Luckily, I was just talented enough to be able to play collegiately for football at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. It was during this time, and in high school, where I was able to mentor and train younger athletes, I realized that coaching was something that I wanted to do down the road.


In my opinion, being able to make a positive and fun impact on someone else’s fitness journey, is one of the most rewarding experiences someone can have. But I also understand the setbacks that some go through when taking on health and wellness. Having been born with tetralogy of fallot, a congenital heart disease, and two open-heart surgeries later, I realized early on that fitness was going to be something that I needed to make a priority in my life in order to live a long and healthy lifestyle for not only me, but for my family as well. I wasn't going to let this disease determine what I could and couldn't do as a kid growing up. That is why I want to help coach others on their own path. To show and teach them that there truly is nothing you cannot accomplish if you put your mind to it!

Fitness journey to do list for new members

  1. Ask questions

  2. Identify your why

  3. Have an open mind

  4. Become a part of the community

  5. Commit to consistency

  6. Be willing to learn and grow

  7. Have a positive attitude and have fun!

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