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We know that community and having a strong support system is a valuable part of each person’s fitness journey. That is why we have created an environment that allows each person to come in and work on their individual goals while being surrounded by a group of hard working, goal oriented, supportive individuals. You are not in this alone.

Have fun!

We do our best to make sure your journey is a fun one, because we know if you don’t like it, you won’t stick with it. When you join our community you will find us putting together workouts that may include agility drills, plyometrics, strength training and more.  We enjoy putting in a “fun” finisher at the end of every workout to inspire some friendly competition.

Our members love to be challenged because they know it pushes them to work harder in a fun, supportive, competitive environment.

Check out our most recent challenge! Teams of 8-10 members led by their coach battled it out for the most MEPs over a two week span!

Here is what our members had to say

Carlye G

"With I2 fitness I was able to achieve a goal of mine that I thought was nearly impossible, I wanted to give it a try, I was a little skeptical at first but after seeing results after the first 3 days I knew this was the program for me. I lost a total of 12 pounds in the first 21 days."

Sally K

"I have a lot of health issues. Thinking for the last few years I was doomed to stay heavy and unhappy, the staff at i2 Fitness has developed the perfect solution for anyone. I exceeded my expectations in just the first 21 days. They blend nutrition, inspiration, exercise, and positive accountability into one easy program. If I can follow it and lose 18 lbs my first 21 days, anyone can."

Tabatha S

"When I first signed up I thought it was going to be a joke and I’d lose a few pounds.... ..... I LOST 12 pounds in 21 Days! My clothes fit better and I feel better but I’m not done yet! I’m going to keep going and get to my goal weight of 180 and I’m going to kill it!!!!"

Mae N

"What an adventure your program has been! For me, in many ways, 21-day transformation program has been a lifesaver. I have lost weight, feel stronger, faster, fitter, and more confident than I was before. Training with you guys has been an excellent experience! You’ve been incredibly passionate about health and fitness and inspired me to achieve my absolute best! To all the members out there, don’t be discouraged if you don’t lose a lot of weight, don’t focus on the numbers but on how better you felt and the changes in your body physically, just stick to your meal plan and do your exercise program by heart even if sometimes it’s already tiring but keep on pushing and I assure you that YOU will be what you want to be in the future! and you will live a longer, healthier, more confident, and happier Life!"

Danielle M

"I have been part of numerous fitness programs (weight watchers, Betty Rocker, Vshred, personal) and NOTHING has compared. This is the whole package and works with individual goals, lifestyles, and backed by research and science. I appreciated the support and knowledge."

Jaki W

"I wanted to lose that last 5lbs and couldn’t do it on my own even though I worked out 6 days per week and “thought” I was making healthy choices for food. I wanted to know what my body needed to lose the weight and keep it off. This program gave me that and more. I lost the weight and learned what foods my body needs. I felt supported by my fitness coach who was available for all my questions and made me accountable. I learned a lot in 21 days and know I can continue to be successful."

 Erica K

"I am so glad I found i2fitness and the programs they offer. During the 21 day challenge, I lost a total of 15lbs all with the help of my coach and all the resources he provided me. The meal plan was an adjustment but I was committed to following it and that’s what I did. For those of your having a hard time adjusting to the meal plan or some of the exercises, my advice is to give it your best and remember your WHY for doing this program."

Ann W

"i2fitness is the place if you are looking to get your health back and/or back in shape! They are there for you each step of the way! If you need to switch something up due to your level or past injuries or issue, they have your back! I can not say enough great things. They have in-house or virtual group workouts 6 days a week with 3 different times to fit it in your schedule. 21 days, to get you back on'll feel so good & proud of yourself you'll want to continue!"

Abby K

“I joined the 21 challenge to reboot my healthy living. School, work, and life can be distracting and consuming. This plan provided me with; a new meal plan designed just for me, workouts that are so easy to follow, and a little extra support from my coach!”

Jennifer S

"I have lost weight and it feels good. I can wear some of my jeans that I never thought I would fit in again. I have more energy to play with my kids."

Chantelle N

"My goal was never to “lose pounds” but instead I like to focus on the small changes I see in my body. Things like my tummy getting tighter and stronger, definition in my shoulders and arms, more muscle tone in my quads and BOOTY. This is what is great about a challenge to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.  My energy levels and overall mental health increase immediately when I am taking care of my body through healthy eating, regular exercise, etc. That is exactly what this program has helped me do!"

Jamie P

"I absolutely love how personal everyone is. How supportive the coaches are. They help with accomodating to your needs. I found I have a bad knee doing squats hurts a lot. Michelle helped me find a way to get around it. This experience has been wonderful and motivating! I want the change for myself and my family. To enjoy the active life with our kids! Thank you I2 Fitness!"

Arynn M

"What makes this program stand out is truly the accountability aspect. The coaches REALLY do care and want what is best for you, even if that means being flexible around what your body is telling you."

Marie K

"I have struggled all my life with my weight. I2fitness has helped me get started on my weight loss journey. I love the accountability. Someone in my corner that is always there to help me when I need it. I have a workout room that I built in my basement recently when the covid started. I have gotten to use my gym a lot with this challenge. The workouts are very easy to follow. This program is going to continue to change my life."

Jennie Y

"I have experienced some amazing results during my 1st 3 weeks of online training and Zoom sessions. I’ve learned that food isn’t your enemy, it’s your best friend when given the right guidance. Which is what i2Fitness has done for me. Also, the workouts, oh man. They couldn’t be any more fun. It’s not repetitive at all. It changes all the time. One of the best parts is that you get one on one video chat and messaging with your Coach. I have always been close to or over 200 pounds most of my life. I am proud to say that I have lost over 14 pounds in the 3 weeks and counting :) I2Fitness is a blessing in my life.".

Jessica F

"I am amazed at how much stronger and healthier I feel in just 3 weeks. I feel like I have jump-started some very healthy habits that continue to motivate me to keep making forward progress."

Cora V

"To the person whose just starting out, it will be hard. There will be temptation but remember the reason why! You got this! If a mom of two kids under three and a puppy can find time, so can you! For you and for your health and wellbeing!"

Robin M

“The Challenge was an amazing experience for me. It pushed me beyond what my mind was telling me I could do and having     a community of people at i2 fitness that cheered you along the way was fun and inspired me to keep pushing to the next level. I have also crushed some serious goals and built some pretty awesome relationships there along the way.”

Melissa G

“I really enjoyed the challenge and working together with my team! Not only was it fun to have some friendly competition but it really helped me take my training to a new level and work a little harder!”

Lisa D

“Being new to i2 Fitness, the challenge came at a great time. The challenge was a great opportunity to meet not only my teammates but everyone at the gym. . My team kept each other motivated and cheered when any of us met a personal goal. To see how all of us improved was awesome. Our captain was our cheerleader and made workouts easier to complete even when I didn't think I had anything left to give. I am so happy to have joined i2 Fitness and I can see how I will be able to achieve my goals with the guidance from all the trainers and fellow workout buddies!”

Kallie K

"Alex and Mark and TI and Michelle take the time to make sure each client get the most out of each visit and you can be open and honest. Keep the awesome work up."

Cathy G

"Absolutely the most amazing experience I've ever had at a gym!!! Mark and Alex are great to work with!!!"

Ted N

"This is a great group of educated and motivated trainers that will help you complete any goal you set for yourself. Their fitness expertise and friendly environment give you the best possibility of acheiving the physical look and feel that you're striving for. I highly recommend teaming up with this organization to get the most out of your journey to improving your fitness. thanks guys!"

Katie L

"Working with the i2 fitness team was amazing! They are so passionate and excited about what they do and they get you pumped up and excited and help you stay motivated during all the ups and downs of weight loss. This was my first experience working with a coach and it was amazing to have that support and someone to help me through the weight loss journey."

Stephanie B

"You want to join I2! Mark and Alex have assembled an awesome team of trainers that are super motivating and positive! The in-gym and online options are nice for a busy lifestyle, and the accountability check-ins have helped to keep me on track. When I started my initial trial, I was looking for a gym to drop a few pounds for my fitness screening for work. I didn’t have any real targeted goals and just wanted to find a nice gym community. Over the last three to four months I’ve gained both my confidence and a gym family. As far as what I’ve lost: stress, fatigue, 28 pounds, and 5.3% body fat. I said it at the start and I’ll say it again, if you are looking for results, you want to join I2!"

Megan M 

"During the 21 day transformation program I was able to lose 7 lbs, and make protein the main part of my day. Loved being able to eat a big bowl of fat-free Greek yogurt with berries, is now going to be my go-to breakfast!"

Laura W

"I have enjoyed the program. Michael has been great! You have the opportunity to go on a live zoom to exercise with the coaches during the week. The meal plan is good, I have not felt hungry. The encouragement to exercise and eat right is always positive and he never makes you feel bad even if you fall off track a little bit. During the 21 day transformation, I lost 12 pounds. I would highly recommend this program to anybody trying to lose weight and get fit"


"After 21 days I lost 7lbs. I also started feeling stronger. Its amazing to workout and not be in pain from previous injuries or health issues. Having someone to check in with, hold you accountable, come up with challenges, and be there when you have questions or feel weak is amazing!"

Keri H

"In my 21 day challenge, I lost 10 lbs but the crazy thing was the inches I lost! The accountability coaches are awesome! They were always there when I had questions, to celebrate with me when I was succeeding and encouraging me when I was struggling. The workouts are challenging but fun! The coaches are really good about giving you modifications when you can’t quite do the exercise. Thank you i2 fitness!!! I look forward to the next phase in my fitness journey ❤️❤️❤️"


Mark getting points for his team in our July challenge


Mark getting points for his team in our July challenge


Mark getting points for his team in our July challenge


Mark getting points for his team in our July challenge


Mark Puckhaber (one of the owners) donating his time handing out lunches made by I2 Fitness Members to help feed kids in need in Oregon, WI.


I2 members making lunches for kids in need.


Stretching after team session on the new turf!


After 8am class on Tuesday

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